Employees could use whatever company disability and sick leave they had as paid leave during this period. But I’m sure you realize that just because I’m starting a family doesn’t mean I’m a different person. I knew that I still needed the intellectual stimulation my job gave me, and I also knew that as our child grew, I wanted him to see that I, as a woman, held my career—and the education and knowledge behind it—in high regard, even as I put that career on hold. Diane Marie Bryant, age 62 of Clarksville, TN, passed away on Saturday, February 18, 2017. Stress can make people stupid. Diane, in the case, would clearly benefit from having such a childcare alternative. But you don’t know how reliable she’ll be when she comes back.”. She then transferred to the University of California, Davis where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1985. Jim had always taken Hunter’s frenetic environment for granted—had thrived on it, in fact, as had his senior managers. Even now, he knew she could guarantee timely completion of her group’s commitments for Zeuss. Nor has he sought information about outside contenders for the director’s position. Jim was used to his take-no-prisoners style and tried not to let it bother him. Compliance should come in at 85%.”, “An 85% compliance isn’t good enough, Diane. Diane Bryant in Texas We found 96 results for Diane Bryant in Abilene, Amarillo, and 48 other Texas cities. “Think very seriously about this, Jim, because you’ve got to do what’s right for the company. But when Mitch Lee, another senior manager, had resigned to join a start-up, Jim had decided to merge Mitch’s product compliance group with Diane’s environmental testing group. More often, a woman deciding how to meld job and child can only guess at what starting a family will do to her career advancement. Why hasn’t he sat down and had a long talk with Diane? Only someone who’s got environmental and compliance specs down cold knows how strict approval agencies are about emissions. Diane is preceded in death by her father and a brother, Danny Bryant. Jim stared at the mauve carpeting, his lunch long forgotten. Assuming the benefit was not duplicated by all competitors, it might lure good staff and make the next Mr. or Ms. Lee reluctant to leave. [10] Business Insider ranked Bryant #32 in their 2016 list of "Silicon Valley 100"[11] and she was #6 in their 2018 list of the "most powerful female engineers". Prior, she was the chief operating officer of the Google Cloud Platform and she previously served as the group president of Intel's data center group. However, every career mother’s circumstances are different, so someone like Moss should not be conjuring up stereotypes. A few days of continued discomfort would be a small price to pay for a potentially great gain. Diane Bryant is the senior VP of Intel's Data Center Group, the company's fastest growing and most profitable unit. “Let’s cut to the chase,” she snapped. David Moss “reinforced Jim’s worries” at lunch. Diane’s qualifications, past performance, and well-developed plans for succeeding as a director indicate that she’s the best person for the job. This is my product, and I simply won’t tolerate any more mistakes!”. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 13, 1953 the daughter of Willie Everett and Mary Ellen (Helton) Bryant. “We’ll have legal problems then!”. In her final role at Intel, she led the data center group. In her case, there’s no reason she and Jim together can’t work out a mutually acceptable promotion package. Let’s face it, a shorter leave isn’t realistic.”, “All right, then.” Jim tried to smile reassuringly. We employ 24 people, and when any employee is out for more than one week, it significantly affects the way our business operates. And when she does confront him, he lies to her, and his awkwardness makes the conversation much shorter than it might have been. But I should be back in time for the Zeuss launch. While, as Diane says, there is no way to predict when the baby will arrive, I don’t believe that should have an impact on how her leave might be managed or how long it should be. The business loses time, expertise, loyalty, and all the other aspects of the employee’s contributions, and incurs many indirect costs to replace the employee. “You’re in the running, but I’ve got to warn you, this is a tough decision for me.”. “Well, good,” David said. She had credibility with senior executives, was well respected by her staff, and was a sharp thinker. She’ll have to keep her own department operating at peak performance, take on another, troubled department, manage both during a new product launch, and have a baby right around the time of that deadline. Diane is related to Sydney E Bryant and Vern Ray Bryant as well as 3 additional people. And I’ll make damn sure the groups are in good shape before I go. Attronica would provide a facility within the corporation, and the parents as a group would hire, pay for, and supervise a baby-sitter. Ms. Bryant has served as Chief Executive Officer of Neural Analytics, Inc. since January 2020. “I suspect you have some concerns about my pregnancy leave. After graduating from college, Bryant began working at Intel in 1985. If an outsider is brought in, will the work teams go out of their way to bring him or her up to speed quickly? But every company faces the risk that a key person will leave. Under this arrangement, the parents are responsible for their children at Attronica at all times, and in this regard our approach to assisting employees in child care is actually more accommodating than any program we know of in larger companies. View Diane Bryant’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The long-term consequences of Hunter’s failure to promote Diane, on the other hand, could be more damaging. To this union three children were born; Cindy, Beth and Jim. Further, he has made no apparent effort to find out what Hunter’s employees think. “No, I haven’t told her anything yet,” Jim said. She must prepare herself for the possibility that she won’t be promoted, be ready to do everything she can to keep the product launch on schedule, and then resume building her career after she has her baby and returns to work. Cathy Feldman is the author of Two Years Without Sleep: Working Moms Talk About Having a Baby and a Job and The Men at the Office: Working Women Talk About Working with Men (both from Blue Point Books, 1993). You know me, Jim—I don’t want to miss it!”, “Unfortunately, the two months before the launch are the most critical. After graduating from college, Bryant began working at Intel in 1985. Until recently, director-level openings were virtually nonexistent at the company. She was predeceased by : her parents, John Rolett and Emma Sue Rolett; her husband Hiram Larry Mitchell; and her sisters, Linda Taylor and Patricia Rolett. A slipup in the schedule would give Hunter’s competition the edge, and millions of dollars in revenue would be lost. Jim, I’m the right person for this job.”, He forced himself to meet her eyes. The third result is Diane F Bryant age 70s in Saint Petersburg, FL in the Edgemoor neighborhood. In this role she helped the company to become a significant supplier of chips to corporate clients such as Amazon AWS, when previously Intel had primarily sold chips directly to consumers. “And you can’t afford a disaster in product compliance.”. Should Jim accept David’s counsel, Diane’s future and the future of the company will be at risk. With E-mail, voice mail, faxes, etc. I hear they’re both sniffing around for something new…”, “Sure, Diane’s one of the best! View the profiles of people named Diane Bryant. Zeuss could not be introduced until it met the industry environmental standards for shock, corrosion, and temperature and obtained compliance certification from all the international regulatory agencies. Douglas W. Leatherdale is chairman, president, and CEO of The Saint Paul Companies, Inc., based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Waiting for an adoption, as we did, also presents a career challenge that differs in several circumstances from that posed by a pregnancy. She was born February 22, 1960 in Jellico, Tennessee to the Ambrose Bryant and Pauline (Bryant) Stephens. Not all executives in her position have this protection. Jim told himself that Diane’s pregnancy was no surprise. In the long run, Hunter could develop a family benefit offered in lieu of higher salaries, perhaps, to offset the expense. Instead of sitting in his office staring at the traffic and making and remaking lists, Jim ought to have spent the week before the EMC meeting gathering information from Diane and David and other employees. The employee loses great value in a significant part of her or his life. David Moss, however, had made it clear to anyone who would listen his low opinion of Hunter’s new parental-leave policy, in which employees could take up to eight weeks off, with pay, and were guaranteed a job when they returned, although it might not be the same position. Perhaps Hunter can set up a private area for her to bring her newborn and sitter to work so that she can be on the scene if that becomes necessary during the critical last stage of the project. In fact, I’ve been waiting for you to say something all week.”. I chose to quit. Jim and David managed to avoid talking about the director’s opening while they ordered cheeseburgers and fries at the grill. After paying the cashier, he and David headed for the small conference room off the cafeteria. Because these two groups were critical to the upcoming launch of Hunter’s next-generation disk drive (code named “Zeuss”), Jim had created a new director’s position to oversee these areas and had announced the opening at last week’s management meeting. If Diane is promoted to director, two months are given to maternity leave. Today, however, there is precedent. But Jim lost a golden opportunity to get some useful input from Moss on what happens when outsiders are brought in. But when it came to the new director’s position, Diane would be on maternity leave two months before the FCS. “The new director has to have the technical know-how to make the right judgment calls at the last minute.” David shoved his tray away. Join Facebook to connect with Diane Kirkland Bryant and others you may know. All rights reserved. And Hunter stands to sustain grievous economic injury if the product launch falters. We think he will benefit greatly by promoting Diane and working to help her continue being his outstanding employee as well as a new parent. The company seems small enough to accommodate such a solution without setting a precedent. There have also been unexpected ancillary benefits. A hard-driving maverick, he started work at 5:00 a.m., jogged six miles every day, and rarely saw his wife and two young sons. The wait could be surprisingly short or unbearably long, but when a child arrived we would both take immediate leave, most likely with little notice. Diane M. Bryant is Independent Director of the Company. “Look, I can’t penalize Diane for having a baby. She now works part-time, editing and writing from her home. Getty Images Bryant (left) alleged that the incident happened in the shop she owned with her husband, Roy Bryant (right). Jim should promote Diane, without question or hesitation. He’s taking a much bigger risk by not promoting her. Diane should take the initiative to contact other women in senior management positions outside Hunter to find out how they managed through maternity leave. If Diane is promoted, could she communicate with her staff by telephone and fax during her maternity leave? Jim was happy for both of them, but…. Has he talked to any of them? The bottom line is, she made the choice.” He rubbed at a new grease spot on his shirtsleeve. After appearing in summer stock for several months, she got her first major stage role in the Broadway rock musical \"Hair\". Finally, he turned his back on his workstation and watched traffic as the afternoon rush-hour began. I wanted my child to know that I valued my career—even as I put it on hold. Select this result to view Diane F Bryant's phone number, address, and more. I had a rewarding, and promising career. If she gets the promotion, her responsibilities will more than double. “I haven’t figured that one out yet,” Jim admitted. Diane Marie Bryant passed away on May 4, 2017 in Yachats, Oregon with her family members at her side. He has had a long and good working relationship with her. Diane N. Bryant, 80, of Whitman, died on June 3, 2018, at South Shore Hospital, after a period of failing health. After careful consideration, if she is still determined to go after the director’s job, she should meet with Jim immediately. What about Reg Stuart at Vision or Tom Wu at Datex? Still, my decision, reached with the full support of my husband, was an agonizing one. With this marriage she added three more children to her family; Jerry, Steve and Barb. Chances are that she could provide him with much useful information and that working together, they could devise a tentative plan for how to handle Zeuss. My ability to execute doesn’t change. People under stress often act in ways that increase the possibility of their making costly mistakes. Whoa! And so it is with Jim Serra. But the competitive pace now left him with a dilemma: Should he promote one of those managers to a crucial new director’s position? Had I not known, for example, that several colleagues were able to take on my responsibilities when I left, I might have made a different choice. Depending on the length of her career and the passion of her ambitions, that unknown can make the clearer picture of motherhood more attractive—leading to a longer maternity leave, to a job arrangement that provides more time for family, or even to quitting full-time work. People Search, Background Checks, Criminal Records, Contact Information, Public Records & More With this marriage she added three more children to her family; Jerry, Steve and Barb. Diane later married Wayne Bryant on November 6, 1986. Which is the more likely scenario? Dr. Dianne Bryant is an Associate Professor in the School of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences and in the Department of Surgery in the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, at the University of Western Ontario. You may also light a candle in honor of Diane Mitchell or send a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral service. Diane was born on Jan. 11, 1945, at Hastings, Neb., to parents, Elton and Jessie (Ball) Morgan. As one of the founding employees of the $160 million company, he had a lot on the line, including his stock options. Should Jim recommend Diane for the promotion? But back in his office, he kept thinking about it and making mental lists of pros and cons. Court Records found View. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Diane Bryant in Pennsylvania (PA). On February 4, 1960 she married Keith Hackney in McCook. Review. Before she claimed notoriety for accusing Emmett Till of sexual harassment, Carolyn Bryant Donham was born in 1934, the daughter of a plantation manager and a nurse in Indianola, Mississippi. “We both know why I’m here.” She smiled stiffly. However, on November 30, 2017, Google announced that Bryant would be joining Google Cloud as chief operating officer, and Intel announced her retirement effective December 1, 2017. Several, most notably two law firms in Washington, D.C., have in fact established programs similar to ours. The arrangement has worked well. He swung around in his ergonomic chair, brooding on the empty takeout pizza box on his conference table. First she must ask, who is going to take care of her baby? [5] In July 2018, Google announced that she had left the company. So I was grateful for opportunities I received to edit from home on a regular basis and to write occasionally. On Feb. 4, 1960, she married Keith Hackney in McCook. Those options might include daycare facilities or subsidies, job sharing, or more flexible work hours for mothers or fathers. Presumably, Diane is among the highest paid 10% of salaried employees at Hunter. Still single, Jim had lived for his job ever since he’d joined Hunter Peripherals five years ago. “I want to make perfectly clear my interest in the director’s opening. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date. Right now, Jim doesn’t even know what arrangements Diane has made to keep her department running smoothly during her leave. Part of him wanted to wring David’s skinny, excitable neck. If Jim doesn’t promote Diane because of her pending maternity leave—a fact that would spread like wildfire in a company the size of Hunter—he’ll be sending the message that women of childbearing age are not welcome. Diane F. Sellers, age 67 years, of Whitley City, Kentucky died Saturday, November 28, 2020 at the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset, Kentucky. It may not be easy at first; Jim himself may have to take on more responsibilities during Diane’s leave. From the Magazine (January–February 1994). Say, just four weeks instead of eight?”, Diane looked down, stretching her legs under the table. But you don’t know how reliable she’ll be when or if she comes back.” David tugged at his tie. Diane Kirkland Bryant is on Facebook. Diane’s blind confidence could spell disaster. New companies—and old ones that are reinventing themselves—must understand that progressive policies mean nothing if managers shy away from putting them into practice. Diane has 7 jobs listed on their profile. Diane Pedrotty Bryant is a member of the Board of Directors for The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, the Project Director for the Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties, and the Co-Coordinator of the Assistive and Instructional Technology Lab in the College of … How much thought has she really given to the commitment she’ll be making? Several years ago, Diane and Jim would have been in uncharted waters trying to figure out what to do. “There’s absolutely no question that you’re qualified for the job, Diane. A knock interrupted his list making. [3] Before leading the data center group, Bryant was the chief information officer of Intel. At Intel, she was known as a technical genius. Atul Tucker and Carol Cornwell are cofounders and principals of Attronica Computers, Inc., based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. View the profiles of people named Diane Bryant. I only reached this decision near the end of a six-month maternity leave—so yes, David Moss has a point about new mothers discovering new, non-corporate priorities. But telling when we did—two years before the adoption actually happened—meant that decision makers knew I could drop out of the picture at any time for a long time. Google Cloud boss Diane Greene made the announcement through a blog post on Thursday . At lunch, his colleague David Moss only reinforced Jim’s worries. View Diane Bryant’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.
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